Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Top 5 Greatest Author (In the Flesh) Moments

As part of the Top Five Challenge hosted by Adele @ Persnickety Snark, today's topic is the Top Five Greatest Author (In the Flesh) Moments. 

Living in New York definitely has its perks. I do get plenty of opportunities to meet authors. Unfortunately some of them are during the day when I'm at work but when they're in the evening I try my best to make it. So here goes:

I met Ebony Joy Wilkins, author of Sell-out. Isn't she pretty?? She was all dressed up for the event. She had champagne and custom made cupcakes with the name of the book on them! She was just such a sweetheart and so was her mom. This was definitely one of the best signings I've ever been to.


Here I am with Angie Frazier author of Everlasting and Heidi Kling author of Sea. These ladies were so awesome.  This is the second one we ended up taking because they wanted to make sure it was perfect if I was going to post it LOL.

Simone Elkeles!! That's my homegirl. She was so cool that her booth at BEA had chocolate covered strawberries and champagne! She keeps it sexy in her books AND her signings. I love it! 

Myself with Irene Latham author of Leaving Gee's Bend. That's actually a doll of her main character Ludelphia. We had such a great conversation about her writing about a POC and why she chose Gee's Bend Alabama. She's really nice and I loved her accent.

Last but not least Ms. Laurie Halse Anderson who needs no introduction. How could anyone read YA and not know her?? I must admit I was so nervous..shaking even. She's such a legend I didn't know if she would be all hollywood.  She definitely was not! She called us twins because we both decided on fabulous purple sweaters for the day :)


  1. it's great that you take advantage of living in ny and being able to go to all of these events!!

  2. so cool, I met laurie too, she is such a cool person and an amazing author! That is a great photo of you two!! and simone elkeles is beyond fabulous, she is full of persoanlity!! more NY signings is coming in 2011!! :) cant wait!


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