Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dead Girl Walking by Linda Joy Singleton

Dead Girl Walking by Linda Joy Singleton


I am so dead... Now, was I supposed to go left or right at the Light?

Seventeen-year-old Amber Borden has a lousy sense of direction—so lousy that she takes a wrong turn when returning from her near-death experience. She ends up in the body of the most popular girl in school, who has just tried to commit suicide.Can a girl who can't even navigate the halls of Halsey High discover the secrets of her new identity and find her way back to her own life?

My Two Cents:

When main character, Amber's body "dies", on her way back to her body she makes a wrong turn and ends up in the the beautiful and popular Leah's body. Instead of being overjoyed, she's on the hunt throughout the book just to get back to hers. Amber Borden is certainly one of a kind. She's definitely the type of girl I'd love to hang out with. I love that the author made her so likable. In this book, we learn a lesson that beauty isn't everything.

Leah was living the fabulous life, popular,rich,loads of friends...yet very unhappy. Amber on the other hand wanted to be Leah but when she got the chance she saw that things always look great when you're on the outside looking in. I found this book to be very entertaining and Amber definitely kept me laughing the whole way with her different schemes to get back in her body. She was such a clutz but you had to love her! After inhabiting Leah's body she became thankful for her overweight mom, her weird friends, and her very normal looking crush.

Something to Think About:

Sometimes the grass isn't always greener on the other side. So, we should be thankful for the life we live because it could always be ten times worse.

Rating: 3 Out of 5 Stars

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