Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Blood Feud by Alyxandra Harvey

Publication Date: June 5, 2010
ARC Source: Around the World Tours
Summary from Goodreads:

The second adventure in the Drake Chronicles. Teen vampire action and heart-pounding romance continue as the Drake family faces a new vampire with a 200-year-old grudge. It has been centuries since Isabeau St. Croix survived the French Revolution. Now she's made her way back to the living and must face the ultimate test by confronting the evil British lord who turned her into a vampire and left her buried for two hundred years. That-s if she can control her affection for Logan Drake, a vampire whose bite is as sweet as the revenge she seeks . ..

My Two Cents:

 This is the sequel to Hearts at Stake. The first novel focused on Keiran and Solange. This new installment now focuses on Isabeau and Logan. Isabeau is fierce, angry, and a kick butt first ask questions later type of chick. She has a settle to score with the vampire who turned her into a vampire and left her for dead. That's her purpose....right? That is until she meets the biggest distraction in the hot Logan Drake. He's just too irresistible in his frocks that fit right in with the century she was actually born in.

As I said before, I love historical fiction and this gave us a good portion of it. It was narrated by both Logan and Isabeau. Isabeau's chapters told the story of her past and how she came to be a vampire. It's a heart wrenching narrative that tells of her good fortunes and her struggles. This became a crucial part of the novel, explaining why she was such a hard ass.

The "sexy" factor in book One was a bit stronger. However, the historical fiction aspect of this one brought something different to the novel that Hearts at Stake didn't have. The fighting in this one was also better.I can't wait to see what sexy Drake brother we'll focus on next.



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