Sunday, September 12, 2010

CSN Bookshelf Review

A little while ago I asked to do a review for a CSN Stores product. After weeks of deliberating I finally chose a bookshelf of course. What made me choose something so silly?? Ummmm let's two current bookshelves had books literally hanging off the shelves!! I began to run out of room to stuff them. So yes this was an emergency. I ordered the ORE Furniture 4 Level Bookshelf

It took about a week to get here weighing in at about 32 lbs. Here's what it looked like when it came:

We took everything out of the box and James decided to make a nice little...I don't even know what to call this but here it is:

All of the pieces were there. I love this nice light brown color. It took James about a half hour to put it together and after I looked at the directions I felt confident that even I could have put it together. But of course I didn't lol. Though the directions were so simple and easy to follow. 30 minutes later and wahla!!

Isn't it nice?? I've decided that this shelf will be for books to review and ARC's that haven't been released yet. I also love how it's wide enough to double up on each shelf. So here's a funny tidbit. I'm in the middle of removing my "stuffed in" books from the old shelf and two whole shelves fall on top of me! Apparently the books that were stuffed in we're holding them up! Sheesh...if anyone was wondering I am fine lol.

My only complaint with this shelf and why I have to take a Butterfly away is that it was a little damaged. I'm not sure if it was a packaging issue or if it was shipped like that.

Other than that I love it! It's so sturdy. How do I know? Because I tried rocking it back and forth and couldn't move it. It doesn't seem like it'll be falling on me anytime soon.Special thanks to CSN for inviting me to participate. If you get the chance do check out some of the things they have on their site. You could literally spend hours there because they really sell EVERYTHING.



  1. Shelf looks great, too bad it was damaged. Their shipping is usually pretty safe.

  2. I reviewed the same bookshelf, our first one was also damaged, I called and they replaced it!

  3. Yea? Did you have to mail back the damaged one?

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  5. I am glad you mentioned that it was damaged. It would be a great test of their customer service practices to return it.

    Stopped on the hop. Like that there were lots of photos with the review too. Long time on your follow list. Please drop by: Fangs, Wands and Fairy Dust
    twitter: @fangswandsfairy


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