Saturday, September 11, 2010

In My Mailbox (16)

In My Mailbox describes all the goodies (books) we've received this week and is hosted by Kristi The Story Siren. Some books are actually missing from this picture because they will be featured in my next big giveaway woohoo!

~Fabulous by Simone Bryant
~Close to Famous by Joan Bauer (1/11)
~Red Moon Rising by Peter Moore (11/10)
~Losing Faith by Denise Jaden
~Echoes by Melinda Metz
~Color Me Butterfly by L.Y. Marlow

What did you guys get??

In other news....

If you'll take a look to the right corner of my blog you'll see the Question of the Week. I'll be posting a new poll there every week for my followers because i want to know more about YOU. Sometimes the question will help me change something on the blog and other times I'll just be being nosy. I'd love to know more about the people that read my blog. You guys always get to see me pour my heart out and you get to be all secretive. No more! Seems fair right??


  1. Losing Faith and Echoes are on my wishlist! Hope you enjoy them! :D


  2. You got a lot of great books this week. Echoes is on my wishlist. I hope you enjoy all of them!

  3. Great Books! Losing Faith looks really good. Happy Reading!

  4. Brilliant books! I hope you enjoy them all :)

  5. Oh, I want to read Losing Faith! I think I'll end up reading it on PulseIt though instead of buying it... can't wait to hear what you think about it! :)

  6. the cover for echoes is soo pretty! enjoy!

  7. Echoes looks so pretty~ Looking forward to your thoughts on it! Great books!

  8. You got some great titles this week. I have heard great things about Losing Faith. Happy Reading!

  9. I think Im going to read losing faith.


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