Saturday, March 5, 2011

Audio Review:Bitter Melon by Cara Chow

Publication Date: December 28, 2010
Narrated by: Nancy Wu
 Unabridged 9 hours 28 mins
Summary from Goodreads:

Frances, a Chinese-American student at an academically competitive school in San Francisco, has always had it drilled into her to be obedient to her mother and to be a straight-A student so that she can go to Med school. But is being a doctor what she wants? It has never even occurred to Frances to question her own feelings and desires until she accidentally winds up in speech class and finds herself with a hidden talent. Does she dare to challenge the mother who has sacrificed everything for her? Set in the 1980s.

My Two Cents:

I'm not sure had I read the actual book versus listening to it that I would've gotten the same experience. The accent of the mom seems so real as if I'm listening to their conversation.

Frances is incredibly smart and a great student. However when she's not at school she's not much of a superstar. Her mom is pretty abusive. She makes Frances feel dumb,dirty, fat, and just plain old inadequate. She works hard to try and please her mom but it never works. Trying her best in school just for her mom to tell her she dropped the ball on something else.

Frances makes a friend it seems out of convenience. At first I liked Frances because I felt bad for how she was treated by her mom. Then towards the middle I really didn't like how she began to use her friend to get ahead with a boy. It was mean and selfish. She made a lot of bad decisions throughout the novel. Her mom bullied her, and she bullied her friend.

I think I probably fist pumped at the end. I think everyone got what they deserved including Frances. This is one definitely worth reading and was an eye opener for me about certain Asian beliefs.


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  1. Great review. I have a copy of this and I hope to be reading it soon!


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